Paledusk – Happy Talk (EP Review)

Paledusk – HAPPYTALK
Released: Out Now 


Kaito | Vocals
Daisuke | Guitar
Tsubasa | Guitar
Kazuki | Bass
Seiya | Drums



With the likes of Crossfaith making a mark among Australian audiences, it was only a matter of time before other heavy music gems from Japan started to get a spotlight. Obviously with the current travel arrangements it may be a while before we see some of these amazing bands make their way down for a live outing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire them from across the ocean. 

A brand new signing to Greyscale Records, Paledusk originate from the western Japanese town of Fukuoka, and offer a taste of what’s to come with HAPPYTALK, a hyperactive mix of metalcore and EDM that deviates from the heaviest brutality to electronic breakdowns to melodic pop-punkish passages (just downtuned) – often in the same song.


The opening track ‘AO’ sets the scene for Paledusk’s frenetic style, with electronic drum breaks and heavy riffs galore, accompanied by the powerful vocal performance of Kaito. The title track, ‘HAPPY TALK,’ is equally as frenetic, and the music video for the song encapsulates the bands oddball personality.

My pick out of this four track EP would have to be ‘Q2’, a song that offers a style resembling a more upbeat punk singalong, before breaking into more familiar metal ground, complete with some well crafted lead guitar passages. The closing track, ‘LIGHTS,’ offers a straightforward lesson in the essentials of metalcore and leaves you hanging for more, of which Paledusk have hinted at coming later this year.

Paledusk are a great find from Greyscale, a band more than worthy of joining an already stellar roster. Let’s hope we get some more awesome bands unearthed from Japan and given a local channel for release (because I gotta tell you, as much as I’m loving the artists from that part of the world, those CD imports are hurting my wallet.)

Paledusk – HAPPY TALK tracklisting:

1. AO
3. Q2

Rating: 9/10
HAPPY TALK is out now. Listen here
Review by Simon Valentine (@SimonValentine1)

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