Secrets Harness Noughties Post-Hardcore With Third Single ‘Falling Out’

SECRETS - Get Outta My Head

June is fast approaching, which means the LP return from post-hardcore bandits Secrets is nearly here. The Collapse will be the San Diego band’s fifth album, the first since their 2018 self-titled release. After four long years, we’re hearing some stellar tunes for the heavily lineup changed outfit, including lead-single ‘Parasite‘ and title-track ‘The Collapse‘, the latter a particular stand-out.

With a little while to go until their Velocity Records album is released, the Californians have shared third single ‘Falling Out‘. The song shows Secrets‘ softer side where the melodies are accentuated and the pace is slowed right down (at least to start off with). Clean vocals are the showcase of this track, although it’s not all like this. The band blisters into absolute chaos with an aggressive post-hardcore switch. Compared to ‘Parasite‘ and ‘The Collapse‘, ‘Falling Out‘ probably mostly encapsulates the 00’s post-hardcore style from where Secrets originated. Strangely, the track ends so abruptly it feels like a mistake, but perhaps that’s part of the plan.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Secrets - Falling Out review

Secrets – The Collapse tracklisting

1. The Collapse
2. Get Outta My Head
3. Falling Out
4. Parasite
5. Bad Decisions
6. The Drift
7. Lost
8. Glory
9. Delinquent
10. Fraud
11. The Let Down
12. Fade Away

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