Wall of Sound Presents: Tattoos of UNIFY Forever 2022

EDIT: Were you one of the 10 people who haven’t seen your tattoo in this gallery? Well, scroll to the bottom for a little surprise…

One of the coolest things about the heavy music community is the artwork people have on their bodies. You can recognise a like minded person just by the style of tattoo you see on their leg, the album artwork you see on their arm, or even the lyrics you recognise on their back.

At UNIFY Gathering 2020 we first debuted Tattoos of UNIFY, and we’re back for a second instalment showcasing artists and their art on people around the festival. Were you snapped? If you were and you don’t see your tattoo in this gallery, keep your eye out for another exciting piece of content coming soon…


Rhiannon, VIC (Wall of Sound writer)
Artist: Jad Tattooer @jadtattooer

Breanna, NSW (Wall of Sound photographer)
Artist: Matt van Herten @mattvtattoos

Jordan, QLD
Artist: Douglas Ward @coyotedougly

Miri, VIC
Artist: Domino.Daily @domino.daily

Sam, VIC
Artist: Jake Danielson @jaketattoos

Dylan, VIC
Artist: Tay Ashby @mr_deadmind

Tay, VIC
Artist: Various artists @deadmindtattoos

Julia, VIC
Artist: Jad Tattooer @jadtattooer

Ashlee, TAS
Artist: Kal Stump @stumpbox

Trinity, VIC
Artist: Trashless Tattoos @addiktedtoink

Lili, VIC
Artist: Leonie New @leonienewtattoos and Aaron Hingston @aaron_hingston

Artist: Kal Stump @stumpbox

Lili-Jean, VIC
Artist: Rudie Rashid @rudietattoo

Kyal, NSW
Artist: The Death of Cool @deathofcool

Lilly, NSW
Artist: Ans @anspham

Jordan, VIC
Artist: Jordan Bradley @kingjbradz

Rhys, VIC
Artist: Josh Todaro @josh_todaro

Rhys, VIC
Artist: Josh Todaro @josh_todaro and Shell Valentine @shell_valentine_tattoo

Georgia and Amy, QLD
Artist: Brock Conry @brock_tattoo

Sarah, ACT
Artist: Sophia Baughan @sophiabaughan

Caity, VIC
Artist: 彫濤 @horinami_tattoo

Jono, NSW (Bloom)
Artist: Grace Audrey @graceaudreytattoo

James, VIC
Artist: Zane Stevens @zanetattoo

Ben, VIC
Artist: Matt Mooney @matty_d_mooney

Jordan, VIC (Starve)
Artist: Bran00b @bran00b

Carly, VIC
Artist: Hayden Thompson @haydenthompsontattoo

Lauren, NSW
Artist: Elly D @ellyd_


That’s right, we’ve been holding onto these for a little bit while we created something awesome just for you. These five incredible tattoos were some of our favourites at the festival, but the top 5? You’ll have to wait for Friday 17th of June.


Scarlett, ACT (Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers)
Artist: Daniel @daniel.tattooer

Tom, VIC
Artist: Matthew Mooney @matty_d_mooney

Ashleigh, VIC
Artist: Helen Highwaters @highwaterstattoo

Courtnii, SA
Artist: SarahK @sarahktattoo

Axel, QLD (Wildheart)
Artist: Daniel Pap @danielpap

Words by Ebony Story

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