Wall of Sound Presents: Tattoos of UNIFY Gathering 2020

Tattoos. They’re part of your image and expression, they symbolise memories, milestones and pure art. They are a piece of the puzzle of you, and synonymous with the music scene… and perhaps gangs, but we won’t go there.

Anyway! UNIFY Gathering, which brings together thousands of people for the sake of heavy music, boasts an impressive display of tattooed people. So much so, that we thought we’d make a photo gallery of some tats that caught our eye.

Huge thanks to everyone who agreed to be snapped after being approached out of the blue, and sometimes even ran at, by a small female. And to those who took their shirts off and hiked up their skirts a bit, you’re the best.



Aaran, Vic
Artist: The Grand Illusion Tattoo

Matthew and Cayla, NSW
Artist: Gemma Taylor

Amy and Lizi (The Beautiful Monument), NSW
Artists: Pokemon are Dane Tutty, multiple artists on legs, and hand is TK

Noah, NSW
Artist: Someone awesome

Fynn, NSW
Artist: Someone cool in Singapore

Ally, VIC
Artist: The Grand Illusion Tattoo

Adam, VIC
Artist: Pete Pav

Taryn, QLD
Artist: Tristan Trenaman

Paul (The Gloom In The Corner), VIC
Artist: Dylan Kuiper from The Grand Illusion Tattoo

Big Boss Browny (Wall of Sound), QLD
Artist: Duane James

Aaron, VIC
Artist: Kane Melbourne

Mike, VIC
Artists: Neck is Kane Trubenbacher and lip is Nina Waldron

Jake (Mirrors), VIC
Artist: Skin Villain

Nadia, NSW
Artists: Matt Van Herten and Troi

Taliah, QLD
Artists: Troy Tucker and James Jenkins

Hugh, QLD
Artist: Sharky’s Tattoo

Taliah and Hugh, QLD
Artist: Unknown, but hell yeah The Ghost Inside!

Phoebe, NSW
Artist: Josh G Tattoo

Chris, NSW
Artist: Heath Clifford

Cameron, NSW
Artist: Mr Heggie

Brendan, QLD
Artist: Steph from Black Magic Tattoo

Hueson, Hong Kong
Artist: Nigo

Ray, Hong Kong
Artist: Dennis Wong

Josh, NSW
Artists: Multiple great people

Shaun, VIC
Artist: Storm Walls Tattoo

Kitty, SA
Artist: Knees and calf are Ryan Baranikow

Words By Ebony Story

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