Terra – Reverie (EP Review)

Terra – Reverie
Released: February 4, 2022


Cassie Sutton // Lead Vocals
Darcy Handley // Drums
Joey Knight // Rhythm Guitar
Sean Morris // Lead Guitar
Darcy Leadoux // Bass



This is a release I’ve been looking forward to for almost two years. Ever since I caught an earworm of Terra on Spotify one day back in 2019 of their Wasted Days debut and later when they released ‘Confidence’, their musical potential has just kept growing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed either. But it’s finally here! Melbourne alternative/pop punk outfit Terra are ready to grace us with their highly anticipated new EP, Reverie.

Opening up to a soft lull, ‘Wishful’ gracefully exposes us to the band’s inner workings. It does act more like an interlude to leading single ‘Arrows’ though, and this is where the heat really kicks in. From those extremely chuggy riffs to Cassie Sutton’s unapologetic words piercing through, this fiery number showcases Terra’s biggest hook to date. It’s also punchy as hell, especially with a guest appearance from alt’s very own Daniel Cullen-Richards. Even this early on, that nostalgic emo factor is abundant and will 99% hook in OG Paramore fans.

Although follow-up track, ‘Frenemies’ is well over a year old now, the song still remains high on my radar of “must-listen new pop punk” and packs in as much attitude as ‘Arrows’ does. As the melodic pop punk guitars settle in before skyrocketing into the chorus, I personally feel as if this track couldn’t have been produced at a better time. With a strong, empowering message of “keep your friends closer, but your enemies closer”, the execution of this track really sets Terra apart in the Australian music scene. It’s been a long time since we heard glistening vocals stand out amongst high-energy pop punk, that’s for sure.

It’s here where I’ll mention how much of an influence 2000s emo/pop punk have on this band, in particular Tonight Alive. If you want to hear more on that, read more from Cassie herself in our Tonight Alive tribute here. The second half of Reverie definitely sees Terra pay their respect to their musical influences. ‘Fear’ sounds like the band’s own take of ‘Let It Land’, however what I really saw stand out is those hard-hitting guitars into the pre-chorus. It’s an anthem of self-assurance in the best kinda way, and I could also pop this track next to Paramore’s Brand New Eyes. If anyone’s got their sights set on an international audience, Terra are poised and ready to take the reigns without any fear.

I’m a huge sucker for songs that give me reassurance and a sense of empowerment, so Reverie is definitely pricking my ears at this point. ‘Alive’ will make you see the light in any dark situation you’ve been going through. Between Cassie’s layered vocals and those thumping drum beats, we’re exposed to the band’s true identity and vision. Five young Aussies looking to take their music to all corners of the world.

Final track ‘Wasted Days’ pays homage to the band’s early days and we get a tiny glimpse into what it’s like to hear them completely stripped back to basics. Soft piano melodies alongside heartfelt, honest emotion adds an entire new level of rawness to this EP that rounds out a killer narrative.

It was hard not to notice all the Paramore/Tonight Alive influences seeping out on Reverie. The band are making a splash at a time when Australian pop punk is thriving and ahead of the game. Honestly, if there’s any band that has the potential to come as close as possible to iconic pop punk status, it’s going to be Terra. The Melbourne five-piece have selected the best of what’s worked for their peers and added their own unique spin in an attempt to carve the next chapter for pop punk in this country. This EP is going to turn many heads and opportunities their way, but I have a feeling the best is still yet to come. Reverie is only the beginning for these kids, and I can only hope they’re already working on even bigger sounds that’ll finetune their niche even further.

Terra – Reverie EP tracklisting:

1. Wishful
2. Arrows
3. Frenemies
4. Fear
5. Alive
6. Wasted Days

Rating: 8/10
Reverie is out this Friday. Pre-save here
Review by Tamara May @citylightstam

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