Waxflower – We Might Be Alright (EP Review)

Waxflower – We Might Be Alright
Released: 16 April 2021


Tristan Higginson // vocals/bass
Jordan Beard // vocals/guitar
Nick Hargans // guitar
Daniel Seymour // drums


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Brisbane’s Waxflower have had a rocket-powered start in their early career. The four piece have flourished and grown even stronger since their inception in late 2019, showcasing their knack for bringing out the best in nostalgic rock from the 2000s, which kinda reminded us all of Aussie legends Kisschasy. The band have evolved even further since the early days, and it is with their long awaited debut EP, We Might Be Alright that they’re finally shedding their skin and becoming a fully fledged band in their own right.

Straight up, vocalist Tristan Higginson isn’t one to shy away from his own mental struggles with this being an underlying theme throughout the EP, and perhaps he may just encourage others to speak out on their own personal troubles. ‘Again’ is the shimmering, pop-rock anthem fuelled by self-assurance that we all need to hear in our every lives. It’s a bop that sees Higginson team up alongside Eat Your Heart Out frontwoman Caitlin Henry, rounding out a seemingly fresh duet.

Second track ‘Not Alone’ proves that Waxflower have surpassed those initial Kisschasy aspirations we heard on their debut single ‘Cut Your Teeth’. Possessing an incredibly catchy melody, ‘Not Alone’ serves as a reminder to us all that we’re never alone during those periods of internal struggles. This song struck a chord with me personally in recent weeks and has definitely helped me in getting out of that negative mindset by becoming a little more mindful. I mean, how can you not smile after hearing that positively upbeat charm Waxflower have seemingly honed in on and perfected?

‘Food For Your Garden’ is probably the standout track on We Might Be Alright, penning together honest feelings of self-reflection and assurance in past life experiences combined with an explosive pop hook that kinda shines above the rest. Even though summer has ended, this song will make you feel otherwise. The band finally pull it back to their punkier roots with ‘Fake Frown’, teaming soaring vocals and high energy guitars together for the explosive pop punk anthem we’ve been pining for. I love the punchiness and raw, relatable lyrical edge that this song brings out on the EP,  and to be honest I hope Waxflower hone in on this style in future!

Saving title track ‘We Might Be Alright’ for last, Waxflower tell us with all their charm that it’s perfectly okay to feel many things at once and that things’ll be alright in the end, despite all those internal struggles we all inevitably go through. The song also acts as a possible teaser of what else the band have up their sleeve with the leading line “You don’t want to know just how far this goes”. Possessing an iconic high energy riff, I’m sure you can imagine that the opportunities the band might endure in future are endless here!

Waxflower are one of the brightest sparks that Australia has seen in quite some time and if you’re not convinced yet, then maybe listening to this EP will finally entice you. We Might Be Alright possesses some incredibly upbeat, catchy tunes that holds unique charm and acts as your own personal lifejacket when you’re drowning in your own thoughts. Well, that’s what it did for me when I gave it a go during my lowest point anyway. While you’re probably more inclined to listen to heavier, darker songs when you’re feeling a little low on energy, I cannot recommend this EP enough to give you a slight change of pace. With self care proving a strong theme in pop punk nowadays, Waxflower have definitely transcended onto the right musical path and I couldn’t be more stoked for them. Now, who do I have to convince to get a Yours Truly/Waxflower tour happening?!

Waxflower – We Might Be Alright EP tracklisting:

1. Again (featuring Caitlin Henry)
2. Fake Friends
3. Food For Your Garden
4. Not Alone
5. We Might Be Alright

Rating: 8/10
We Might Be Alright is out tomorrow via Rude Records. Pre-order here
Review by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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