Gravemind Return with New Vocalist + Bonkers Single ‘Deathtouch’

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Back in August of 2021, Gravemind shocked the world when they announced guitarist Michael Petritsch and vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parsons had parted ways with the band. Remaining members Damon Bredin, Aden Young, & Karl Steller advised fans to respect their privacy, but alluded that “Gravemind will be continuing on as a band…”

They also released a callout not long after for a new vocalist, mentioning they were “looking for an individual that displays versatility in their screams/singing and confidence in their ability…” Then, everything went silent as we waited…

…and waited…

…and waited….

Until now, when the Greyscale Records band announced their epic comeback with a whole stack of news to wrap your heads around. Now only do the band have a new face-melting banger called ‘Deathtouch‘ but they’ve got a new face for us too! Taking on the role of frontman will be the demonic-sounding Bailey Schembri!

“All four of us are so excited for the new era of Gravemind to be shown to the world, it’s the strongest our lineup has felt musically and it’s reinvigorated us after two heavily interrupted years. Getting to debut Bailey at Unify and play Deathtouch for the first time is making us all feel like kids again and it’s gonna be such a surreal feeling to be up on that festival stage again, doing what we love.”

Turns out, they adapted to their surroundings and the end result has set them up for some exciting plans in future, including international shows alongside Polaris in Europe and the UK through out September 2022. The band explained:

“After our lineup change, we had to reshuffle jobs and learn new things, it was a lot to process. But the willingness to all work together to get to where we are now is exciting and we know we’ve only got better songs to come out after this, a lot that we’ve been sitting on for such a long time. Deathtouch is only the tip of the iceberg for how we’ve refined our sound.”

As for the song, ‘Deathtouch‘ is an absolutely beast of a comeback single from the second it starts. Those opening screams will have you pulling the biggest gurn as you try and comprehend what you’re listening to. It’s got all the hallmark sounds the band produced long before the lineup change – djent filled guitars, bellowing screams, deathcore gutturals and spoken word stop downs. It really does sound like the phoenix rebirth for Gravemind. The clean sections come across sounding like a lot of the metalcore giants getting around at the moment, but like that’s a bad thing! The more core, the better right?

On the new single, the band says:

“Deathtouch is about an ancient alien race that had facilitated the creation of our civilised world Bonded with our DNA to create born leaders to sit on their thrones controlling their regions on earth and ultimately leading to our demise.”

Gravemind are back with a vengeance and if this is what we can expect moving forward, then sign us the fuck up. What does Superfan Darcy Lock think though?

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