Sugar Spine Releases ‘Gutter Paint’ + Unveil Mirror Talk EP

We love the smell of fresh meat in the morning and if you do too, you should probably direct your attention towards Sydney one-man-band Sugar Spine‘s new single ‘Gutter Paint‘ which is officially out on all streaming sites today!

The hardcore-infused metalcore project is the brainchild of Josh Muncke, who has been influenced by the heavy sounds and motivation of bands like Slipknot, Knocked Loose and Stick to Your Guns.

The anger from within inspired the story behind this new single which he explained to us:

“The song was a result of me directing my anger at Australian political figures who seem to not only get away with some horrible shit, but somehow manage to snag a promotion at the same time. The breakdown at the beginning (to me) feels like the equivalent of screaming “fuck, fuck, fuck!” when thinking about how these people coast through life whilst others are punished for things that are out of their control.”

I think we can all find the appeal in this new release, especially with the current state of politics in Australia and our good old fashioned appreciation for all things heavy. The single opens up with Muncke screaming admist a flurry of blastbeats and electronic sounds before all hell breaks loose and we get an understanding of the direction and potential he has within the heavy community.

Because Sugar Spine is a solo project, the possibilities are endless when it comes to future plans, but along with today’s single drop, there’s an exciting EP announcement with Mirror Talk hitting streams on April 22nd. The upcoming release will also feature a collaboration with Nick Rossi, bassist of American progressive metalcore act Born Of Osiris.

Josh spoke further about the inspiration behind the tracks and hinted there’s still more to come:

“Normally I write about how I’m feeling, but with ‘Gutter Paint’ and the other tracks, I saw too much shit happening around me for me to ignore, and so I focused intently on that. [Mirror Talk is] about half an hour long, but I feel like each moment in the EP is deliberate; there’s no filler. There is already more material being written, so Sugar Spine is definitely not going to fizzle out any time soon.”

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Sugar Spine – Mirror Talk EP tracklisting

1. Gutter Paint
2. 83
3. Mirror Talk
4. The Black Stag
5. Crusader
6. Sensation
7. Pen or Sword (Feat. Nick Rossi from Born Of Osiris)

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