Gold Coast Trio In Eyes Return with ‘Tripwire’

It’s been a long time coming for In Eyes, but now the upcoming Gold Coasters are re-emerging on the scene with their monstrous track ‘Tripwire’. Although it’s been quite the slow burn for these youngsters, I feel like the best of In Eyes is just over the horizon.

Luring listeners in with a stormy entrance, vocalist Rosie Jacobson releases her pentup energy on a former flame as she revisits her younger, naiive self in what is her most dynamic music performance yet:

Everyone was telling me he was bad news pretty early on, and looking back I probably could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had listened. But honestly, I was sixteen and falling in love for the first time. There was a naivety there I think we all experience when we’re young.

‘Tripwire’ is the trio’s first new release since 2020’s ‘The Dreamer’. Their new track cements the band’s status as a dominant force to watch as they rise to match inspirations like Tonight Alive and Dream State. With southeastern Queensland musicians increasingly making their mark in the Australian music industry, In Eyes add to the high calibre of alternative/punk acts to watch in the sunshine state.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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