PREMIERE: Soar to New Heights With The New Single From In Eyes ‘The Dreamer’

Last year we introduced you to Gold Coast three-piece In Eyes with their debut single ‘Time Won’t Wait’ which had us captivated from first note. Rosie Jacobson, Dylan Quigg and Kris Unwin are now back with their brand new single ‘The Dreamer’ and this song will mesmerise you completely. With soaring hooks and chuggy riffs, ‘The Dreamer’ is a raw, emotional look into Jacobson’s struggle to find her place in the music world. Emitting a sound similar to that of Australian pop punk heavy weights, Tonight Alive, it looks like In Eyes are set to soar even further with this new track!

But before you get to the new single below, get to know the band in our exclusive chat with In Eyes now…

Hey guys! Stoked to be getting to know you a little more with this single. But first, how are you during right now?

Rosie: I’m doing well! Been keeping busy working and planning for this release, as well as binging a lot of content.

Kris: I’ve been super busy working on my Honours degree, so I haven’t really had time to focus on anything else, which is probably a good thing given the circumstances.

How did the band form?

Rosie: In Eyes formed after my previous band broke up in 2014. The bassist from that band and I started In Eyes together, and held auditions to fill the other spots. We had seen Dylan playing online, and invited him to audition and he killed it and made it in. I met Kris in 2017 at university and after seeing him play drums I was like, yes please. We had a few member changes along the way, but now it’s just the three of us, and it works really well.

Tell us about your new single ‘The Dreamer’, and the inspiration behind the music video.

Rosie: ‘The Dreamer’ is our newest single and I’m so excited for it to finally be out. Lyrically it details my experience playing in bands over the last 10 years, and always fighting for my dream to be a female at the forefront of heavy music, regardless of what I learn or experience along the way. It’s a pretty emotional record. I’ve had the music video planned since I wrote the song, and it’s been really cool to see it come to life. I thought The Dreamer sounded like a tarot card, like The Lovers, or The Moon, and with the song being a representation of my past, present, and future in this industry, that tarot concept felt like it belonged with the song. We based the music video, single artwork, and all the social media content around that concept.

Who’s your #1 influence in life?

Rosie: I hate to give the typical “girl-in-a-rock-band” answer, but anyone who knows me knows Hayley Williams from Paramore is the reason I do anything I do. I’ve felt a really strong connection to Hayley for the past 11 years, that goes outside of music; if anything, her music influences me the least in my life. Her spirit, her experiences, and her presence on stage are the biggest factors for me.

Kris: It’s so hard to pick one specific person or thing! In terms of drummers at least, people like Tomas Haake from Meshuggah or Mario Duplantier from Gojira have had a big influence on my own playing and style. Really getting into the groove of the music, but still being able to play around with some cool rhythms and patterns where I can, that sort of thing.

Dylan: Tom Delonge, dude just loves aliens now he’s out here living his best UFO hunter life! 

When can we expect an EP from In Eyes?

Rosie: We’re hoping to spend the rest of this year writing, and getting the cash together for some releases in 2021. We have no official plans for an EP in the works, but if it comes together and the timing’s right, we probably won’t say no.

Who would you be stoked to work with in the studio for a forthcoming release?

Rosie: I’d do a backflip if we got to work with Chris Blancato. I also wouldn’t say no to PhaseOne if he wanted to do one of those sick heavy dubstep mixes of The Dreamer.

Kris: If I could pick anyone it would be really cool to work with Jens Bogren as a producer or mixing engineer. He’s worked on a bunch of great heavy projects, plus if we got to work in his studio in Sweden that would be extra cool!

We’re attempting to shed some more positivity out of COVID-19. So, what’s the one good thing/lesson you’ll take from 2020?

Rosie: I learnt that it’s totally okay to say no. I’m a people pleaser for sure, so I always say yes when people need me for something. It was nice to have a reason to say no and use the time to focus on bettering my mental health.

Kris: If I’m able to research and write an entire dissertation this year for my Honours with everything else going on, I feel like I can achieve pretty much anything with the right focus!

Dylan: Surprise Taylor Swift album 100%! Doesn’t get much better than that. 

Being a Queensland act and now that our live music scene is slowly reopening, do you guys have any live shows set in stone?

Rosie: Nothing is booked yet, but we’re itching to get back on stage!

What can one expect to experience during your live set?

Rosie: A lot of energy, and terrible banter that I should definitely prepare before playing.

Kris: I think we bring some strong energy to the stage. Hopefully once we’re back on stage people will be able to feed off of that energy and have a great time with us.

Dylan: Depends how many beers I’ve been allowed to drink before the show really.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with Wall of Sound?

Rosie: Stream The Dreamer, and wear a damn mask.

Dylan: Life’s a garden, dig it.

In Eyes’ new single ‘The Dreamer’ is out tomorrow. Stream it exclusively below now.

Interview By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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