Sink Into SKYND’s Latest True Crime Music Case ‘Chris Watts’

skynd chris watts video

Our love affair with SKYND dates waaay back and we’re pumped to see a brand new track from the dynamic heavy electronic duo dropping with yet another eerie True Crime story behind it.

[TRIGGER WARNING] Following on from stories like ‘Michelle Carter‘ and the infamous ‘Columbine‘ High School Massacre, SKYND‘s next single tells the story of the Watts family murders from back in 2018 where father Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters. The news sent shockwackes across the world and the sleepy town of Frederick, Colorado was never the same.

“When I learned about this case in August 2018, this brutal story stuck with me,” explained Skynd. “I felt the need to write about it. But how? The murder of the children made me so sad that I realized it must only become a ballad. I am still extremely upset about this case, because I was able to follow it live, so to speak. I was there watching when he gave the interviews and when it came out how brutal he was. The Chris Watts case brought out a lot of emotions in me. When children are involved, it is always a little bit worse for me to write about. It is a very grim case when you think of all the details. A father kills his children with his favorite cloth. It’s so heartbreaking, cruel, and brutal that you can’t look away.”

The video was directed by the Grammy-nominated P.R Brown (Korn, Slipknot, Motley Crue, Audioslave) who spoke about what drew him to working with the band:

“What fascinates me the most about Skynd is the construct of exploration of past atrocities, not as celebration, rather as an investigation of a broken society that needs to be examined so we can grow from it. I live inside an art-filled mind and any opportunity that I can express a concept with a metaphorical lens is a great day. I am lucky to have found similar interests with Skynd and am beyond excited to explore the further reaches of the human condition together.”

We emplore you, dive into the sinister world of SKYND and you’ll never want to leave. Revisit our interview with the enigma herself right here

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