Kill The Lights Penetrate The New Year With Shredder ‘Dead From The Start’

Kill The Lights - Dead From The Start Review

Kill The Lights have been warming us up for the past couple of years with some straight-up heavy metal, and we’ve been what they’ve had to offer.

To play catch-up a bit, Kill The Lights are a Welsh band that features Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas and Jason ‘Jay’ James (the latter who only recently joined). These gents are notably known for their extraordinary time shredding in Bullet For My Valentine. Late last year, the band released ‘Voices‘ after dropping their first single with Jay, titled ‘Chasing Shadows‘.

Before these singles, Kill The Lights dropped their ferocious debut record The Sinner (our review here) back in 2020, featuring singles like ‘Through The Night‘, ‘Watch You Fall‘, ‘Shed My Skin‘ and later even releasing Metallica cover ‘Battery.

If you’re following the current Bullet For My Valentine lineup, it’s worth catching up on their self-titled record from last year (our review here and interview with Matt Tuck here. It’s genuinely great to see all the legacy members of the band flourishing in their own respective ways.

Now, we’ve got a fresh new 2022 single upon us, and it’s called ‘Dead From The Start’, released via Fearless Records. With drums highlighted in mixing, the thrash-riffs pick up incrementally with a seesaw of clean-and-unclean vocals. The track has those old school Bullet elements, as well as Kill The Lights own unique flavour – definitely worth a listen.

Here’s what singer James Clark thinks of the track:

“‘Dead From the Start’ attempts to give the listener an insight into the types of thoughts and feelings that someone living with mental health issues endures daily. Being able to talk openly about mental health is the first step in ensuring those that need help receive the support and resources readily available to them. Millions of people are fighting alone each day in darkness, and it’s time to remove the social stigma around mental health.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Kill The Lights – ‘Dead From The Start’ here

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