Muse’s Return To Heavy Arrived with ‘WON’T STAND DOWN’

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If your love affair with Muse is anything like mine, you’ll state that their earlier music (pre-Twilight fame) was some of the band’s most career defining material – and had the band leading the charge for their genre at the time… then they went sideways and lost me.

But over the past few weeks the boys have been hinting at a return to their heavier/rockier roots and I kept an eye our for what they’d do – just in case they were ready to bring me back in again… Well, that time has come with new single ‘WON’T STAND DOWN‘ making it’s debut online!

The song starts with frontman Matt Bellamy‘s iconic vocals surrounded by some phat basslines before the guitars open up and we’re welcomed to a short, yet punchy instrumental band jam that teases us all the way to a chuggy section where the band just open up with some distorted screams and a touch of heaviness. It’s not like BMTH heavy sections, but it’s a nice solid change of pace from what Muse have done latelty. I dig it!

On the new song, Matt says:

“‘Won’t Stand Down’ is a song about standing your ground against bullies, whether that be on the playground, at work or anywhere. Protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation and to face adversity with strength, confidence and aggression.”

After giving myself the personal goal of knowing my worth all year long – this song couldnt’ come at a better time! Give it a spin and see what you think!

Stream ‘WON’T STAND DOWNhere

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