Stand Atlantic Act Out in Their Most Aggressive Single Yet ‘Molotov [OK]’

After dropping one of the biggest songs of the year with ‘Deathwish’, Stand Atlantic are rounding up the year with an equally huge anthem. ‘Molotov [OK]’ comes about as the band’s heaviest song yet, pulling in big punk/hardcore energy while still maintaining that infectious style of pop punk over the chorus that we’ve become familiar with from the band’s past releases, Pink Elephant and Skinny Dipping.

The song is a raging hymn about the current societal structure of homophobia that vocalist Bonnie Fraser faced while growing up in a conservative, Christian high school:

“I went to a christian school for 3 years of my life and when a pastor says ‘all gays will burn in hell’ during an assembly, you’re gonna remember it, and you’re gonna write a song about it. It baffles me how someone can believe something so negative about someone yet act all nice and loving to your face and pretend to care about you. fuck that, i hope he hears this.”

While it’s a far stretch from the poppier blend covered on Pink Elephant last year, ‘Molotov’ marks a darker, heavier era for Stand Atlantic with the potential for even more heavier breakdowns. Perhaps this song is Bonnie sticking to her word with Browny last year about keeping the floor open for heavier riffs down the track. I don’t know about you, but I’m vibing this new style a lot and am hella keen to hear more!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Stream ‘Molotov [OK]’ here

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