Stand Atlantic’s Bonnie Fraser Isn’t Opposed To Playing Breakdowns In Future

Sydney’s Stand Atlantic have unleashed their new album Pink Elephant for the world to see and hear (our review here) and longterm fans may notice a change in style on some of the songs as the band have progressed musically and matured from that unique pop punk sound we’ve known them for.

As it turns out, outside of making music together, they’re not really mad keen pop punk fans and in recent times, they’ve been steering away from listening to other bands within their genre as frontwoman Bonnie Fraser explained to podcast host Browny in this week’s episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall, revealing:

We don’t even listen to pop punk really… On my Spotify none of the bands, none in my recent searches are pop punk bands or anything like that. Me, Miki, Jonno and Potter we all listen to different things… I guess we’ve kind of grown out of it in a way, but obviously, it’ll always be important and part of our roots and everything of course, but, in day to day life we don’t really listen to it.

Nothing against a bit of change in your life right? But as Browny quizzed Bon further about future releases or even cover songs it turns out she’s definitely not opposed to dabbling in the wonderful world of breakdowns:

I mean, I would never say no. We can whip out an old Parkway [Drive] or [I Killed The] Prom Queen, Devil Wears Prada [song]

If you, like us, are picturing A Day To Remember-esque styled song from Stand Atlantic and you’re getting excited too, then maybe you should hit the band up on socials and let them know you’re keen as mustard for them to take that step on any future releases.

Until then, check out their latest masterpiece Pink Elephant right here


Stand Atlantic – Pink Elephant tracklisting:

1. Like That
2. Shh!
3. Blurry
4. Jurassic Park
5. Eviligo
6. Wavelength
7. Drink To Drown
9. Silk & Satin
10. Soap
11. Hate Me (Sometimes)



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