Stand Atlantic Team Up with Nothing, Nowhere for ‘Deathwish’

Sydney pop punks Stand Atlantic have been biding their time since they unleashed their stellar second record, Pink Elephant last August (our review here). While they’re waiting in the shadows ’til it’s safe to come out to play their sold out Australian tour for us all this August, the band have just unleashed an absolute slapper of a single with none other than US emo-rapper Nothing, Nowhere.

The song’s called ‘Deathwish’ and it is next level A-MAZING. It combines upbeat guitars, shimmering pop hooks and a hella explosive chorus that’s definitely gonna get stuck in your head for days. ‘Deathwish’ basically takes what we heard from Pink Elephant on tracks like ‘Blurry’, ‘Shh!’ and ‘Wavelength’ and then kinda just pushes the band’s limits even further.

Nothing, Nowhere’s feature adds a fresh flavour of trap/emo rap to it pretty nicely too. While I haven’t been too familiar with the rapper until now, he does help give the song a push through that pop element.

What are you all waiting for? Stream ‘Deathwish’ now and play that shit on repeat all day long. Or frontwoman Bonnie Fraser will come for ya with a deathwish. Yeah, I went there…

Words By Tamara May @citylightstam

Stream ‘Deathwishhere

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