Whatever Forever Release New EP ‘Slowly Dying with You’

Sydney punk trio Whatever Forever have just unleashed their brand new EP this week. Titled Slowly Dying With You, the band have produced five melodious, rocky soundscapes that were penned together over the past twelve months. The band, consisting of guitarists/vocalists Nick Adams, Chas Levi (who you may know them from metal force Justice For The Damned) and bassist Jack Rudder, found the overall creative process of their new baby quite cathartic and almost self-fulfilling after the turmoil we all lived through throughout 2020:

In times as dark as that the best thing we’ve learnt to do is write music thats honest, vulnerable and accepting of the life as it is. In all its melancholic beauty.

With tracks like ‘Ghost Of Me’ blending together emotive words with raw, fuzzy guitar tones that teeter on the edge of melodic hardcore and punk, the Whatever Forever boys will warm your heart. Even title track ‘Slowly Dying With You’ will prove to be a delicious treat for your ears as the band meddle with some deafening riffs that are best listened to at full volume.

We grabbed Jack to take us through an even deeper dive of the two tracks and the EP in its entirety, and after hearing his words, we are officially immersed in the euphoria of Whatever Forever.

‘Pieces Of Us’

This one is a reflection on love and relationships. There will be times in life where despite every part of you wanting to stay, your heart knows that something isn’t how It used to be. The hardest part is coming to terms with losing them all together, is it worth the sacrifice to live a fraction of life with you?

‘I Need You More Than You Know’

It’s a friendship based song about growing up, mates moving on, staying youthful and wishing It could last forever. If the listener could take something away from it, we’d hope that it is a reminder that these relationships are beautiful, but temporary – as all things are – and not to be wasted. 

‘Ghost Of Me’

‘Ghost Of Me’ is a really personal one. It was written at a time of existential dread surrounding the darkness of facing illness and therefore, death. Through the suffering of learning to live with such things, the only constant is change. In this case there are highlighted experiences of guilt, hopelessness, the contrast – compare games we can play with the past and future – and the weight of all such things.


A nod to our home base for the band in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW. We’ve all had our fair share of good and bad times there and in this particular instance ‘Paterson’ was made to process dealing with a bad one. It serves as a good reminder to take life less seriously. Don’t stress on the little things and really appreciate who and what you have around you. One day your life will change forever and those things won’t matter anymore. 

‘Slowly Dying With You’

In a time where we needed to be together most, ‘Slowly Dying With You’ was written to solidify our strength and have a tangible thing to listen to and be optimistic about the future. We’re all in this for the long haul no matter what. 

Watch the sunset over the mountains,
Things are hard and it’s going to get worse
But in the end I’m still having a good time,
I don’t mind slowly dying with you

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to Slowly Dying With You here

Whatever Forever – Slowly Dying With You EP tracklisting:

1. Pieces of Us
2. I Need You More Than You Know
3. Ghost of Me
4. Paterson
5. Slowly Dying With You

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