The Future is Far From ‘Bleak’ With Alera’s Second Single

Earlier this year, we helped bring to light Australian emo/post-hardcore outfit Alera, with a cryptic campaign for their debut single ‘Failure; An Anecdote for Expectations’. If you’re a member of The Covenant and on the band’s discord, you may have noticed the teasers about a forthcoming new track, ‘Bleak’.

‘Bleak’ is the band’s captivating follow up track to ‘Failure’, coming at us with a magnificent contrast of thumping riffs and clean vocals mirrored up against dark, twisted screams that manages to encapsulate how vulnerable and dark one’s own mind can get. Vocalist Hayden Oakley shares:

 “The desperation of the mind when it seeks escape can become overpowering, and during moments of weakness can leave you in a state of hopelessness.

This latest onset comes as a huge step in the right direction for Alera, who are set to become Australia’s newest breakout act in emo/post-hardcore as they prepare to unleash their debut EP, Beware the Snake this November.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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