STOP EVERYTHING: Limp Bizkit’s New Era Has Arrived with ‘Dad Vibes’

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, New Limp Bizkit is officially in the house!

After teasing us with their rollout plan last month, nu-metal gods Limp Bizkit have finally debuted their first new song in seven years (via Facebook and Insta) and it’s a doozy for all of us metal kids who grew up and still stayed metal. ‘Dad Vibes‘ is nu-metal goodness rolled into one with frontman Fred Durst‘s iconic rapping as tight as ever, guitarist Wes Borland‘s heavy riffs on point (as usual) and DJ Lethal up the back scratching away on the decks… Okay, that felt weird even saying in typing form. The song sounds like a combination of Significant Other meets Gold Cobra and is going to please long term fans who have been waiting (years) for their comeback.

It’s hard to believe a band from our youth has comeback, 22 years after they first burst onto the scene and are still as relevant as ever AND this is just the start of what they have planned with more new songs set to drop soon and their infamous forthcoming album (still rumoured to be titled Stampede of the Disco Elephants). Their last album, Gold Cobra, dropped back in June, 2011 and if you ask me, 10 years is way to long between throw downs for Limp.

Get into ya!

Stream ‘Dad Vibeshere

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