Of Mice & Men Prepare For Tertiary EP Of The Year + Drop Animalistic Song ‘Mosaic’

Of Mice & Men - Echo Review

Californian metalcore band Of Mice & Men have had an absolute monster of a year, dropping two EPs already, namely Timeless and Bloom which has kept fans fuelled with new music from the band all year long. Well, it looks like their tertiary EP of the year is either in the works or completed, with the band releasing a brand new track titled ‘Mosaic’.

Earlier in the year the boys revealed they’d be releasing three EPs in 2021, and it looks like they weren’t joshing us. They’re definitely adapting to the modernised streaming world, and it’s working for them. So far, the new music from Of Mice & Men has been some of their best material to date, and it looks like the heat is continuing to rise.

The group’s new song ‘Mosaic’ has got to be labelled in the ‘heavy’ pile. From the get-go, the riffs are crunchy and the vocals are unapologetically grimacing throughout. It’s just straight-up heavy metalcore for three-minutes straight and we’re not upset about it.

Stay tuned for more news about their upcoming third EP, which we’ll fill you in on once we know!

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Of Mice & Men – ‘Mosaic’ here

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