Stick To Your Guns Unleash Standalone Single ‘More Of Us Than Them’

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NEW Stick To Your Guns ALERT – I repeat, NEW Stick To Your Guns ALERT

It’s been four years since the hardcore heavy hitters released their album True View and we’ve been patiently waiting for their return to the scene and it’s finally here with their new belter ‘More Of Us Than Them‘. Frontman Jesse Barnett brings you into the track with a slow intro that turns into a jam when the boys back him after his call to action lyrics: ‘Set the world ablaze / nothing goes to waste / now I understand / more of us than them’ ring out and set us up for STYG‘s triumphant comeback!

The song’s conception has a pretty amazing backstory that needs to be heard too:

“In October of 2015, I received an email from a very good friend named Tom Searle of the band Architects. The email contained a breakdown that he had written and felt was ‘too STYG to be used for Architects,’ but he said that we could use it if we wanted. It was MASSIVE. We tried for years to turn it into a song to no avail. After Tom’s passing and the effect it had on everyone, Chris decided he was going to give it another shot. He then wrote the music for what became our song “More Of Us Than Them.”

As for the song itself, according to STYG, it’s a big “FUCK YOU” to those in power around the world, controlling our lives:

“This song is about understanding that the people who have power over our day to day lives do not have our interests at heart. They do not have the planet’s interests at heart. All they care about is ever-growing profit and maintaining power. The more we participate in their elections, watch their media, and consume their ideas, the more we begin to stray away from the very simple fact that, to them, we are nothing but empty vessels to be exploited for our labor.

We give our entire day to them, to their workplaces and institutions—only for them to treat us as expendable commodities. We are told that this is just ‘how the world works’ and that we have no say in the matter, but why? Why are we told that we are powerless to change things? We are told that the workplace is not a democracy: Why? The place where you spend a majority of your day, week, month, year, life—why shouldn’t there be democracy in the workplace?

The fact that we have paywalls and barriers in front of things that are necessary for our survival is fucking criminal. A system that is inherently inhumane and uncaring cannot be reformed. A system based on exploitation and oppression cannot continue to exist. I vow to wake up everyday with the intention of tearing that system down. But I know that I cannot do this alone. Only the masses working together can bring about the collective liberation of humanity.”

If that doesn’t get you fired up then what will?

There’s plenty of chuggy moments throughout and mic-grab opportunities that are going to be fucking MINT when we get to catch these lads live again. Word has it this is just a standalone single, no album, nothing else, just the song and message from Stick To Your Guns and we are all here for it!

Stream ‘More Of Us Than Themhere

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