Silent Planet Announce New Album ‘Iridescent’ + Release Ambient Single ‘Terminal / (liminal)’

Silent Planet - Signal

Silent Planet recently unleashed new single Panopticon’ which got us ready for a potential album announcement from the band. Well, happy #NewMusicFriday, to you all because Silent Planet have released another single overnight titled ‘Terminal / (liminal);’ and paired it with the announcement of their upcoming record Iridescent, coming out on on November 12, which is not too far at all.

Whilst ‘Panopticon’ delivered us a signature Silent Planet sound with chaotic metalcore continuing on from where they left off with When The End Begantheir brand new single ‘Terminal / (liminal);’ is a bit different, incredibly ambient even. Vocalist Garrett Russell shows an impeccable amount of variation, both across the song itself, but also with consideration to his predominant sound across the band’s catalogue. The Californian band create an alternate atmosphere, where the heaviness is retained, but it’s a different kind of pace altogether; a blissful one.

Silent Planet have certainly dropped a bomb on us today , with not only this superb new track ‘Terminal / (liminal);’ but also the release date of their upcoming record Iridescent which includes both ‘Panopticon’ and ‘Trilogy’. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Silent Planet‘s new single ‘Terminal / (liminal);’ here

Pre-order their new album Iridescent here.

Silent Planet - Iridescent

Silent Planet – Iridescent tracklisting

1. 1-1-2
2. Translate the Night
3. Trilogy
4. Second Sun
5. Panopticon
6. The Sound of Sleep
7. Alive, as a Housefire
8. Terminal
9. (liminal);
10. Anhedonia
11. Till We Have Faces
12. Iridescent

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