Black‌ ‌Label‌ ‌Society‌ ‌Want‌ ‌to‌ ‌’Set‌ ‌You‌ ‌Free‌’ With Their New Single ‌

Zakk Wylde’s longtime metal mob Black Label Society have announced the release of their 11th  studio album, Doom Crew Inc., a title that acknowledges their roadies. They’ve kicked off with a great video for the album’s opening track: ‘Set You Free’. 

The song is a mid-paced stomper, with lyrics that offer salvation from the tyranny of the world. The chorus is a great hook that you’ll catch yourself singing later. The riff is a badass boogie but the real highlight is that Zakk and Dario Lorina trade solos!  Zakk promised that this is a “truly a two guitar album” explaining: 

“We incorporated Father Dario even more into the solos, doubling with me and being more involved in that regard… A twin guitar band, whether it’s the Allman Brothers or Judas Priest, with harmony lines, unison lines, and trading off solos. It stemmed from the live shows, where we’d both go into the crowd and extend songs like ‘Fire It Up.’

For the video, Zakk and the band have shed their biker leathers for a more conservative 1960s boy band vibe. There’s high top wigs but no disguising the beards. The party they are playing starts as a chilled out, swinging affair before the alcohol starts to affect the guests in unusual ways. Mayhem ensures. It’s a bit Foo Fighters, a bit Dawn of the Dead. It’s both some light relief and absolutely horrific. 

Words by KJ Draven. Instagram: @kjdraven 

Doom Crew, Inc. is out November 26 via Spinefarm. Pre-Order here

Black Label Society – Doom Crew, Inc. tracklisting

1. Set You Free
2. Destroy & Conquer
3. You Made Me Want to Live
4. Forever and a Day
5. End of Days
6. Ruins
7. Forsaken
8. Love Reign Down
9. Gospel of Lies
10. Shelter Me
11. Gather all my Sins
12. Farewell Ballad

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