Archspire Will Decimate Your Eardrums with ‘Golden Mouth of Ruin’

I saw Archspire live alongside Psycroptic and Hadal Maw in 2018 on the back of their third studio album Relentless Mutation and it was the single loudest fucking show I’ve ever been to. Legit, my ears screamed at me for three days straight and all the paracetamol, meat pies and next day beers weren’t going to alleviate the echoing guttural screams that rattled between my ears and down my spine. Worth it? Fuck oath it was.

Aside from being so bloody loud that every bastards eardrums within a hundred kebab shops of the (then named) Bald Faced Stag were made to bleed, Archspire were so fast, heavy and technically meticulous that I was left thinking that these guys would be fast at half the speed. Their level of musicianship and technicality is unmatched and they’ve continued with this impressive tirade with the release of their hot new single ‘Golden Mouth Of Ruin‘, which I can only imagine is what Jason Mamoa called vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron after his work on Mamoa’s Apple+ TV show “SEE”.

Golden Mouth Of Ruin‘ is incredible. A million mile an hour masterpiece that’ll have you nodding along immediately.

It kickstarts with Spencer Prewett flogging his drums at seconds before the rest of the lads chime in and immediately, the four year wait has all been worth it. This track is every bit the Archspire you’ve always loved. Having said that, if you’ve never even heard of these fine Canadian lads, click on the YouTube clip and sit there wondering how the actual fuck they do it. Their inch perfect, machine gun delivery will leave you in awe, and if you’re at all concerned that it might be a bit heavy, don’t fret, I played it to my 9 month old son and he raised his fists to the air, threw up the horns and then we watched Bluey.

Pissing about aside, this song is everybody the ‘chunky banger’ that the fellas said it is and by all accounts, the other seven tracks on Bleed The Future are going to be “even more nutty and Tech”. Cannot Fricken Wait.

Words by Duane James @duanejamestattoo

Stream ‘Golden Mouth of Ruinhere

Bleed The Future is out October 29 via Seasons of Mist
Pre-Order here

ArchspireBleed The Future tracklisting

1. Drone Corpse Aviator
2. Golden Mouth of Ruin
3. Abandon the Linear
4. Bleed the Future
5. Drain of Incarnation
6. Acrid Canon
7. Reverie on the Onyx
8. A.U.M.

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