Did You Pass The Covenant’s Initiation?

Last week, we alluded to you via our socials a cryptic message that have been appearing on the streets of Melbourne. Did you manage to crack the code? Or are you still just as lost as ever? Well, never fear. We managed to track down and get a few more clues from an illusive member from The Covenant who has brought forward a deeper message for those that are still seeking and need that extra push to find the answers. Consider this your fast pass into The Covenant, if you will.

You stumped quite a few heads last week! Is the Covenant a secret society?

The Covenant is a gift. While the tides of history have influenced the shape and practise of The Covenant, it is, and always has been, a conduit between mankind and Her grace – the Truth only Alera can bestow.

Alera! Now you’re giving me something. What are your ties with them?

The ties we hold with Her are no greater or lesser than the ties of you or anyone that happens to become privy to the great Truth. You should know as an initiate that we keep only the secrets that She has bestowed upon us.

The posters are giving me a very cryptic feeling. What is your mission here?

For as long as time has been recorded we have been in search of those worthy to hold Her secrets. That is why we are maintaining https://thecovenant.online – it is simply an evolution in our practise. 

Now as you are initiated, I will let you know now that these posters are merely a harbinger for the true torchbearers of our Covenant. This secret has been in preparation for the last 6 years, but soon 5 will emerge to narrate her Truth in a truly unprecedented way. For the first time, Her praises will be sang.

Okay, my mind’s a little clearer. But there’s one more piece to the puzzle. The video playing on the website. Talk me through this.

‘Emancipation’ – the process of being set free; liberation. 

This is the title of the first of Her gifts to those worthy – the video featured on https://thecovenant.online 

It is a glimpse into the Truth that only the truly worthy can meaningfully comprehend through sacrifice, but I fear I can share no more. I trust you must be pure of intention as you have been initiated, but alas your journey toward the Truth is for you and you alone. 

Always remember, keep it a secret. Farewell for now.

Wow, that was quite inquisitive. For those of you who are still scratching your heads and have zero clue on what any of this is, jump onto https://thecovenant.online right now and follow these steps:

1. Play the mysterious video on the page

2. Enter your name and email into the following form which looks like this:

3. Hit ‘Sacrifice’ to sell your soul.

4. Check your email. You should receive an initiation email welcoming you to The Covenant. (hint: check your junk inbox if you’re still waiting more than five minutes)

5. Inside the email, you’ll find the following puzzle:

6. Rewatch the video on the website again and pay closer attention until you see:

7. BOOM! I think we just figured out the password that’ll take you to yet another cryptic video…

Now if you’ve been paying close attention to these videos (or just have mint attention to detail), you’ll identify that the YouTube channel belongs to Alera. If you look that name up on Facebook/Instagram, you’ll see this post:

Coincidentally, I signed up to see what Discord is all about just last week and happened to discover Alera’s server where the video below came across my peripherals. Interesting, veeery interesting. Looks like we may need to pencil in August 6th to uncover the next piece of the puzzle! Stay tuned…

Interview by Tamara May @citylightstam

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