Get Your Balls Out for Lexxi Foxx – Steel Panther’s Sexy Bassist Bails…

In what can only be described as a “Shocker” (and not the good kind), it’s been confirmed that bass player extraordinaire and sexiest bloke to ever grace the stage, Lexxi Foxx is no longer in Steel Panther. The news comes after the lads posted tributes to their departing bassist and sharing their thoughts on their own social media.

Anyone that’s seen the band live (and shame on you if you haven’t) will know what a massive hole this leaves in the group. A presence and enormous part of the on stage banter that has made Steel Panther one of the must see live bands of the 20 years. 

In a tongue in cheek post on their socials, Steel Panther said:

The End of an Era

The great pandemic of 2020-2037 has affected all of us. For some though, it has opened doors of opportunity and been a catalyst to seek out one’s true calling in life.  This is Lexxi’s story.  He started his side business, “Sexy Lexxi’s Prettiest Pets,” to bring in money for Botox during the lockdown. But something miraculous happened. He realized that his love for making pets pretty was greater than his love for being pretty himself. Lexxi discovered a greater love. Possibly, the greatest love of all.

Lexxi has chosen to hang up his mirror and focus on his newfound passion.  Making ugly dogs pretty. Anyway, after nearly 40 years of rocking together and taking Steel Panther from the Viper Room to headlining Wembley Arena, it is with heavy hearts – but great heavy metal memories – that we bid Lexxi Foxx farewell.  We love you and we wish you a wonderful future putting eyeliner on chihuahuas.

Steel Panther will continue to rock the world. And though we may not ever find a bassist quite as beautiful as Lexxi, it shouldn’t be hard to find one to match his towering intellect.

Good Luck… And goodbye Lexxi Foxx!!”

As a fan I am gutted but the memory remains. So long Lexxi. I’m gunna go put lipstick on an ugly dog and Party Like it’s The End Of The World with an Asian Hooker, dressed just like Tiger Woods. Cheers mate. I miss you already. 

Duane (right of Lexxi Foxx) and friends with Steel Panther’s 2016 Australian Tour

The band are supposed to be heading down under for their East Coast run including a mini-festival at Brisbane’s Eaton’s Hill Hotel in October, it is uncertain if today’s news will affect the upcoming dates (or if they’ll be going ahead with the current state of COVID in Australia). We’ll keep you posted!

Words by Duane James @duanejames666

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