Ministry Release New Protest Single ‘Good Trouble’ 

Uncle Al is back with a new industrial stomper.

Ministry fans have been patiently waiting for Al Jourgensen’s reaction to the 2020 pandemic, civil unrest and ousting of a one-term president. The wait is over, as new single ‘Good Trouble’ uses samples from late Congressman John Lewis and the Black Lives Matter protests to rally metalheads to seek social justice. It serves as an introduction to their 15th studio album Moral Hygiene, their first since 2018’s AmeriKKKant.  Like that album, Al is here to share this thinking on the current state of American society and has no intention of holding back. 

Jourgensen explains the genesis of the new album: 

The good thing about literally taking a year off from any social activity or touring is that you really get to sit back and get an overview of things as they are happening, as opposed to being caught up in the moment. And what I saw with how we handled several public crises – from the pandemic to racial injustice to who we vote in to lead our country – is that times are changing, and society needed to change to get away from the idea that has permeated us of take care of yourself, fuck everything else. Now more than ever we need moral hygiene.” 

The ‘Good Trouble’ video features a gas-masked Jourgensen chanting the verse lyrics and throwing in some industrial harmonica. Kicking off with a thrash intro, it settles into a bluesy riff with a fat beat. There is a ton of psychedelic filters and imagery of the 2020 BLM protests as Al definitely states “The world is a mess!” while there are samples of crowds chanting and even a sneaky “fuck the police” sample. Long time fans will be stoked that Al has lost none of his edge and is ready to rattle cages when the album is released on October 1st, 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records

Words by – KJ Draven (Twitter). Instagram: @kjdraven 

Pre-Order Moral Hygiene here

Ministry – Moral Hygiene tracklisting 

1. Alert Level
2. Good Trouble
3. Sabotage Is Sex
4. Disinformation
5. Search and Destroy
6. Believe Me
7. Broken System
8. We Shall Resist
9. Death Toll
10. TV Song #6 (Right Around The Corner Mix)

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