Deafheaven Deliver Second Ambient Single ‘The Gnashing’


Deafheaven are back on our minds, having launched their next album campaign for ‘Infinite Granite’ recently, which has excited fans to no end. With the announcement, the epic-metal band released ‘The Great Mass of Color‘ to introduce you to their ever-evolving sound, which fans were surprised, yet delighted to hear – particularly as vocalist George Clarke spends 95% of his efforts on cleans, and they were bloody impressive. Well, hope you liked the new direction, because our favourites have released a second single alike the debut, titled ‘The Gnashing’, let’s check it out. 

The 5-minute song flicks straight into Deafheaven default mode instrumentally, grounding Clarke to test those vocal chords once again, but in a very different way to how we’ve heard him to do that on their stunning back catalogue. The combination of the band with the clean vocals is incredibly ambient, yet retains a heavy mood that will interest metal-heads. Despite an arguably softer direction, ‘The Gnashing’ definitely has its proud hooks and notable apex. The final minute of the track is almost spiritual, as the guitars spin into some really high oceanic-tones. It can’t be ignored that Clarke has seriously perfected his singing abilities, and explores the depth of music beyond his metal-roots. 

The notably new direction for Deafheaven in 2021 seems to interest fans based on social media comments and engagement, however there is a resounding curiosity as to whether the rest of the album will leave Clarke purely in the harmoniously clean-vocal space. If so, it would certainly shift the band’s propensity to reach other audiences and make a new sound for themselves, given the beautifully stark juxtaposition of his demonic growls against the band’s signature ambient instrumentation. I guess let’s wait and see what comes next. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Pre-order Deafheaven‘s new album Infinite Granite out 20th August right here
Check out their new single ‘The Gnashing’ here.

Deafheaven – Infinite Granite tracklisting

1. Shellstar  
2. In Blur  
3. Great Mass of Color
4. Neptune Raining Diamonds
5. Lament for Wasps
6. Villain
7. The Gnashing
8. Other Language  
9. Mombasa

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  1. i hope they make more like this, well there will probably some of their old fans that squint their eye brow with this track, so idc if they don’t make more like this, this would still be one of my favourite

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