Attila Go Honky-Tonk Metal With ‘Day Drinking’

Attila Handshakes with Snakes

Attila have been revving us up for the upcoming LP Closure coming out July 23. Having dropped ‘Cancelled’ and ‘Metalcore Manson’ already, fans have been getting their fix of the band’s new material ahead of this month’s release. Fronz and the boys have whipped up a third single for this fine #NewMusicFriday titled ‘Day Drinking’, and well, it’s a bit different…

As this article suggests, the band have gone with a groovy, almost ‘honky-tonk’ style sound with ‘Day Drinking’ as Fronz puts a bit more gruff into his growl. Pick up a six-pack of beers (unless you’re sporting dry July) and throw on your dad’s Hawaiian shirt as the Attila boys have on the cover of this single. The band have slowed the pace right down into more of a ‘slow-Sunday-arvee’ type vibe. They have gone a bit more rock n’ roll with this one, and it kind of works. Their metalcore recipe has been expected and this style definitely was not – it’s definitely going to add some variety/interlude to their upcoming LP. There’s a bit of a guitar solo at the end, and the band’s heavy tones and groovy-country-style approach is a bit reminiscent of Wednesday 13 or even DevilDriver and they’ve nailed it.

Get a taste of some new and different Attila and get hyped for their new record Closure, coming out in just a few weeks. if it’s not out in your area yet, bookmark this page and check back in a midnight local time!

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Attila - Closure

Attila – Closure tracklisting

1. Anxiety
2. Empty Clip
3. Metalcore Manson
4. Day Drinking
5. Broke & Happy
6. G-Squad
7. Shots for the Girls
8. Viva Las Vegas
9. Cancelled
10. Clarity

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