Descendents Drop ‘Like The Way I Know’

ICYMI, legendary punk band Descendents announced their ninth studio album, 9th & Walnut last month. The band revealed that the album includes a bunch of tracks recorded throughout the band’s career, some of them dating back to 1977. Today, the band have unveiled another song from the record called ‘Like the Way I Know’ and it’s a short, fast outburst of raw punk rock energy that just so happens to be one of the earliest Descendents songs recorded! Drummer Bill Stevenson shares:

“One of the very first Descendents songs, written in 1977, by (founding member) David Nolte, about how living in Hermosa Beach made him feel like a freak.”

Sounds like everything old is new again. From Metallica celebrating 30 years of The Black Album to Descendents releasing some of their older recordings, you should definitely make today the day to appreciate these OG legends reclaiming the spotlight.

9th & Walnut is out July 23 through Epitaph Records. Pre-order here

Descendents – 9th & Walnut tracklisting:

1. Sailor’s Choice
2. Crepe Suzette
3. You Make Me Sick
4. Lullaby
5. Nightage
6. Baby Doncha Know
7. Tired of Being Tired
8. I’m Shaky
9. Grudge
10. Mohicans
11. Like the Way I Know
12. It’s A Hectic World
13. To Remember
14. Yore Disgusting
15. It’s My Hair
16. I Need Some
17. Ride the Wild
18. Glad All Over (Dave Clark Five cover)

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