PREMIERE: Adelaide’s Memory Castles Unveil Stellar Chaos on New Single ‘Money’

Adelaide pop/rockers Memory Castles will see your cup of fun overflowing this week with their new single ‘Money’. Feeding your musical veins with an electric power-pop hook that’ll feed your inner emo kid from 2006, the band’s latest release will kickstart some serious nostalgia. Fuelled by the band’s own insecurities surrounding relationships, ‘Money’ is an affluent blend of emo party punk melodies, melted together with infectious lyrics and ultimately creating semi-dark and chaotic rhythms of punk madness.

With ‘Money’ being the band’s second single from their forthcoming debut EP, Pretty Colours, we thought it best to get you up to speed on this upcoming alt-pop outfit from Adelaide before they inevitably explode into the world…

G’day legends! The amount of alt-pop energy on your new track ‘Money’ is out of this world! What was the song inspired by?

Jesse: Thanks so much! Lyrically the track was inspired by my experiences being in a relationship with someone whilst living with undiagnosed BPD and how I would become deeply insecure or fearful of not being good enough. I kind of wanted to write a song that was self aware about those flaws whilst also poking fun at myself and the irrationality behind that unhealthy way of thinking.

It’s pretty addictive and I honestly can’t get enough of you lot. I had to give your last single ‘Burning Down’ a listen too. What’s the fan reaction been like to that so far?

Jesse: It’s been great! We’ve had a lot of support and people have been really responding to our sound, we can’t wait to show everyone what else we have in store! 

Gino: Yeah, It’s been really positive! We really appreciate everyone checking out the track and supporting our band.

You’ve got quite a chaotic musical style that’s coming out of songs like ‘Money’ and ‘Burning Down’. What’s the creative process like for Memory Castles? Are lyrics the instigator or is it more a catchy hook that gets your creativity flowing?

Gino: Jesse comes out of nowhere with these bangers and ‘Money’ was one of them! We then add our own flare and touches to the instrumental parts which brings it all together and creates that eclectic, crazy sound. 

Jesse: Usually I’ll have an idea for the concept behind it in my head and start out by playing around with instrumentals to try and find something that’s catchy and fits the tone of what I’m going for, the lyrics are usually the second stage and mostly take influence from my life and experiences with things like mental illness to relationships and everything in between.

Who is the biggest inspiration to you musically?

Jesse: Personally my biggest inspirations in music have been My Chemical Romance and Say Anything, both those bands have had a huge impact on me and this bands direction. I’ve always been drawn to the theatricality, drama and showmanship of bands like MCR, and Max Bemis of Say Anything is my biggest man crush and influence as a songwriter. Memory Castles wouldn’t exist without them.

Gino: I’m a massive fan classic pop punk and indie rock. I love musicians like Arctic Monkeys, Blink-182 and Green Day. Those are the bands that inspired me and a lot of my musical style and performance style is influenced by them. 

What message do you hope a fan resonates with by listening to Memory Castles?

Jesse: Honestly one of my biggest goals with this band from the start has always been to raise mental health awareness, but more so now specifically in bringing more awareness to BPD and removing the stigma surrounding it and mental illness in general. If a fan were to take any message away from our band I’d want it to be that feeling broken or lost is okay. Memory Castles has always been about self reflection, growth and trying to do better, you need to keep surviving and keep striving to be happy.

Gino: Yeah definitely, you can feel different or alone or you’re just going through a tough time right now, and that’s okay. Just be yourself and live your life the way you want to.

You guys are about to unleash your EP, Pretty Monsters next month! Exciting! Can you give us a tiny hint about what else we can expect off that?

Jesse: You can expect to hear more of the bright, poppy, manic intensity you get from ‘Money’ mixed in with the darker and more aggressive side of Memory Castles from songs like ‘Burning Down’. 

Got a fun one for you – if an endless amount of MONEY could get you one thing, what would it be and why?

Jesse: Definitely Michael Keaton’s Batmobile because nothing screams wealth like Bruce Wayne’s wheels.

Gino: Copious amounts of guitar gear, because I’m a massive gear junkie!

What’s next for the band after your EP release next month?

Jesse: Hopefully we can take Memory Castles on the road and do some interstate shows, besides that we’re always writing and planning ahead for what’s coming down the line.

Gino: Yeah, we’re gonna be getting on new stuff and putting on as many shows supporting the EP as we can!  

Any final message you’d like to give to our readers?

Jesse: We’re here to put the fun in dysfunctional and hope that you all enjoy the ride!

Jesse, Gino, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you today. All the best with everything you’ve got goin’ for you. We’ll see you soon!

Interview by Tamara May @citylightstam

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