Parkway Drive’s Viva The Underdogs Hits Netflix Monday!

I think we can all agree that the best thing about 2020 was when Parkway Drive‘s Viva The Underdogs Documentary hit cinemas at the start of the year, proving that metal has a place in the mainstream and these guys will NOT stop fighting until they’re at the peak of their careers (annnd maybe not even then too).

If you missed it at the cinemas, YouTube and for rent because you’re a hot mess, get yourself a Netflix account because it’s going to hit the AUS/NZ streaming service on Monday June 14th! The doco centres around the band preparing for the biggest show of their lives, headlining the EPIC Wacken Open-Air Festival in Germany 2019, you know, the one with a capacity of 75,000 metalheads and an honour only the greats of the heavy music scene get to experience.

Ben Gordon & Jeff Ling riding with Wacken Open Air 2019 punters after gates open

We get a behind-the-scenes look at the band and the way they’ve self-managed their progression over the years and how, without mainstream radio support in Australia, they’ve come from a small, heavy band from Byron Bay, to the towering juggernauts we know and love today – all the while still maintaining their integrity and passion for pleasing their fans.

On the movie/doco, our reviewer Will Oakeshott (and long time Parkway fan) stated in his review:

“This is of the scale of Metallica or Slayer and describing the performance as “inspirational” and “spell-binding” is still selling it short with cinematography that breaches upon a Hollywood scale in its grandest moments.”

If you need more convincing, revisit Will’s review here and just know that despite all the time that’s passed, it is still one of the best go-to viewing pleasures for a boring wet rainy day… or, you know, just because!

Head to Netflix to watch on Nonday June 14

parkway drive viva the underdogs poster

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