Take Charge with Relapse’s New Single ‘Sabotage’

Radelaide metalcore outfit Relapse have dealt us a heavy lil number this week with their new single ‘Sabotage’. If you’re all about that high-energy metal and chaos in your music, this song is right up your alley. Featuring metallic riff energy with a tiny glimmer of nu-metal undertones, ‘Sabotage’ encompasses everything that makes a song mosh worthy and wraps it all up in a neat bow with the addition of some rockier melodies to entice a wider audience.

Underneath all that energy though, is a song that dives even deeper with meaning. Relapse vocalist Ethan Robinson explains:

“’Sabotage’ is about having undealt traumas that you may have never known you had resurfaced. Going through all these emotions can then cause you to lash out or become defensive to prevent getting hurt when in reality it’s all in your mind, and your subconscious is just trying to keep you safe when in fact you are self-sabotaging your life from whatever it may be. I was sabotaging my relationship because I was afraid of getting hurt.”  

With this being Relapse’s first release since their EP, Psychotherapy, you can bet that the boys have even more tasty tunes up their sleeves. Here for it!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam 

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