Meet The Crew: A Punk Supergroup of Marvellous Proportions

The term supergroup is given to well known individuals in the music biz who join forces to create a mega band that utilises all of their professional skills at once. Killer be Killed is a perfect example of this and now, for the punks out there we have The Crew and the lineup is something out of dreams!

Featuring vocalist/guitarist Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise), vocalist Tim Armstrong (Rancid), bassist Matt Freeman (Rancid), vocalist Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies), and drummer Byron McMackin (Pennywise) this elite quintet are here to blow your minds with their ‘in-your-face’ debut single ‘One Voice‘, a track that’s going to be heavily played on repeat over the weekend for fucking sure!

When discussing the team-up Fletcher says:

“Collaborating with Tim Armstrong, Mike Muir, and Matt Freeman has been an awesome experience, obviously Byron Mcmackin and I go way back. Byron and I had a demo of ‘One Voice’ laying around for couple years, and I thought it would be cool to bring a couple old friends on board to breathe some new life into it… Watching these guys lay down their own personal trademark styles on this song was nothing short of amazing! I think it’s safe to safe we’re all pretty fucking stoked on the final product. Find it, crank it up, and enjoy!”

Stream ‘One VoiceHere

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