PREMIERE: 51st Avenue Debut Anthem for the Unloved with ‘Don’t Want Me’

We’ve all felt love, loss and heartbreak at some point in our lives and if you haven’t well, you might not have a soul… When musicians write songs about these struggles, it connects with a vast array of people from all around the world who also have experienced similar feelings and emotions and that’s where the emotional connection to music come into play.

Sydney four-piece 51st Avenue tackled this subject manner for their next single ‘Don’t Want Me‘ which we are proud to bring to you today ahead of its release on Friday. We grabbed frontwoman Alynnis Zizza for a chat all about the new tune, opening up and sharing those intimate, personal stories and what the future holds for the awesome foursome…

Hey gang, welcome to Wall of Sound! For those just discovering 51st Avenue, give us a rundown of how you came to be?

Hey there, thanks for the warm welcome! 51st Avenue came to be like I would think most bands do. Scott and I met in 2011 in senior high school. We were in the same music class and we’ve been besties ever since. In 2017 we created 51st Avenue with another good friend, our former guitarist. Eventually we found Josh our bassist and played 3 live shows then Covid hit us hard. Our guitarist moved on and helped us find our newest member/guitarist Ash and the rest is history.

You’ve got a sound that reminds me a lot of bands like The Beautiful Monument, I Prevail and The Amity Affliction’s newer stuff. Who would you say are your collective influences that helped shape your sound?

We’re definitely loving the newer sound that’s coming through with rock and its sub-genres. Bring Me The Horizon, PVRIS, Slaves (US) and even quite a few pop artists have influenced our sound greatly.

To me, ‘Don’t Want Me’ is an anthem for the unloved. The ones trying so hard to get the attention of the one they adore, but they keep falling short. Was this one conceived after real-life experiences?

Absolutely! We like to write from personal experiences. It would feel disingenuous to write about things that none of us would know about. The more relatable the better for us to get behind and also for our listeners to enjoy.

You’ve stated that you write about love, loss and loneliness, subjects that many of us go through on a daily basis. Why do you think it’s important to share experiences for others to hear?

Sharing is caring. We all feel things and go through things and sometimes we feel like we’re alone in all that but music is loud and it connects people. We want listeners to hear our music and not only like our sound but feel and resonate with our lyrics and stories.

What’s the best love advice someone has passed onto you that you live by nowadays?

You’ll find it hard to love another without having loved yourself first.

You’ve jumped back on stage again post-covid (recently supporting our mates in Cambridge). Is the plan now to make up for lost time last year and play as many shows as you can?

We were so pumped for live shows last year with a show lined up almost every month for the first half of 2020, so the plan is definitely to play as many as we can!

What’s the future holding for 51st Avenue? Have you got some new material cooking for those of us wanting more?

We’ll be in the kitchen a lot this year. Definitely cooking up some new stuff, an EP maybe and we can’t wait to see how it’s all received. Super excited to be back on stage as well as back on the grind in the studio!

Looking forward to what you do next too!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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