Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Drop ‘My Town’ feat. Joe Talbot of IDLES

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 2 years since Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes released their stellar album End of Suffering upon the world and now it looks like they’re gearing up for new music ahoy with the release of ‘My Town‘ featuring IDLES frontman Joe Talbot. It is 100% pure UK grunge rock at its finest and Frank/Joe bounce off each other like two best mates having a bit of heated banter at the pub on a Saturday afternoon.

The song was produced by Rattlesnakes guitarist Dean Richardson for the first time in the band’s career and it proves they’ve got a great talent behind them and the band! When talking about the new song, Frank says:

“‘My Town’ is a bruising metaphor for ‘our collective mental health falling apart…’ It is a metaphoric look at the collective mental health of a nation after a barrage of lockdowns. Imagining every person as a town and its residents, the town representing the mental stability and wellbeing of that person. 

With the state of the world still experiencing the effects of COVID, this is yet another example of the type of music that has stemmed from the creative minds who have been locked away from the world, unable to showcase their music to the people who needed it most during this time, the fans and one band who touches on mental health so well is FCATR, who you might remember toured Australia in early 2020 (before the world turned to shit) and spoke with Wall of Sound about those struggles.

Frank Carter touched on the track more revealing:

“It’s easy to dissociate when it’s someone else’s problem but we are each responsible for keeping the streets clean, looking out for our fellow neighbours and acting with kindness and respect as we walk through life. We can look into this town and see the seedy underbelly, the dirt, the disdain, the undercurrent of hate and despair. And then we are reminded that My Town looks just like yours, and no one gives a fuck at all and if we don’t start looking after ourselves soon then we are all going to be in big trouble”.

Self-Care. Always. Give it a spin below and get back on that life horse again – no matter how many times it knocks you off!

Stream ‘My Townhere

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