carolesdaughter Talks Up ‘Trailer Trash’ in New Single

If you haven’t been captivated by rising US artist, carolesdaughter yet, her new song might finally do it. Born Thea Taylor, carolesdaughter has taken her rough teenage experiences and spun this up into an incredibly upbeat, unapologetic pop song. Her newest song ‘Trailer Trash’ draws upon those harsher life experiences and if you’ve ever been ashamed of your less than stellar past, this may be the song to help you overcome that.

Her music videos are always so aesthetically pleasing too — I love how ‘Trailer Trash’ perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the song but also sets the scene in an abandoned caravan park in the middle of the Californian desert. On her new song, carolesdaughter shares:

“I wrote trailer trash 2 years ago when I was in rehab. The song is about accepting the unique and sometimes trashy parts of you. The video was inspired by Bombay beach and the art there, I wanted to create my own world where I could do anything I wanted.”

Like previous hit ‘Violent’, ‘Trailer Trash’ will easily turn your frown upside down with its positively upbeat, mellow pop sensibilities and somewhat relatable lines like, ‘I’m trailer trash, drunk off my ass / And my savings went to liquor / So I’m all out of cash I’m living fast, I hate my past.’ Talk about using self-loathing as a healing process! It really does seem as though carolesdaughter’s creative inspiration does come from her downward spirals, as we learnt when we caught up with her earlier in the year:

“Creativity comes in waves for me and so sometimes if I’m not feeling as creative I’d like, I’m kinda beating myself up for it. But really it’s just that you have to have something to write about. It has to have substance to it. It has to mean something to me for it to mean anything to anybody else.”

Stream ‘Trailer Trash’ here

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