Ever Wondered How Far Is Too Far For Cannibal Corpse?

It’s the question most of us may have been thinking over the years – with a band as gruesome as Cannibal Corpse and their subject matter/album covers, does the band have a threshold for their fucked-up-ness and/or subjects they just won’t touch?

Well, our resident Corpse fan Duane James got to sit down with founding member/drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz to discuss their new album Violence Unimagined (our review here) and that question earlier this week, and it turns out there IS a couple of topics the band has no interest in:

“You know never really for the most part. I mean you know we’re obviously not going to get very religious at all. I mean I think we’ve got like one song. Something that barely touches on religion. I remember that was when Jack was in the band when we did ‘When Death Replaces Life’ and I co-wrote that with him lyrically. You know so we’re not a religious band or a satanic band for that matter, obviously. We really don’t seem to stem in that way. Mostly what it comes down to is being true to life non-fiction stuff. I mean look at our lyrics, 95% of it is fictional horror stories. We have a couple of times, here and there, [said] that something may be loosely based on something that really happened, or you throw in something that’s actually like wow, we’re touching on something that really happened per se, and that’s very rare of course.

“We’re not going to try and get too realistic and write about exactly what’s happening in the world, or what’s happened in the world or things of that nature.” 

He also went on to talk about the thought process that goes into the band creating the gruesome songs they have produced over the 30 + years they’ve been making music together:

“I know I’ve written some crazy lyrics that I just go ‘where did that come from?’ kind of thing. Like it’s not really me of course but while I’m in Cannibal Corpse and I’m writing pretty crazy songs, you know every now and then you might have to dive off into the deep end and go ‘well you know, let’s put that in there.’ None of us are really sitting around thinking of these sort of things on a daily basis or have that thought process. So I would think pretty much everything is on the table for the most part, whether it may end up in songs or not, that’s one thing but you know we’re Cannibal Corpse, so it better be pretty intense, right?”

So when you think about Cannibal Corpse from now on, don’t think of them as the band who live and breath totally fucked up things, just remember they’re creating horror stories, via music, with an incredibly heavy death metal soundtrack behind it… Now, imagine if they made movies hahaha

Stream their new album Violence Unimagined here

CANNIBAL CORPSE Gearing Up To Release New Album; First Single "Inhumane  Harvest" Streaming - BraveWords

Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined tracklisting:

1. Murderous Rampage
2. Necrogenic Resurrection
3. Inhumane Harvest
4. Condemnation Contagion
5. Surround, Kill, Devour
6. Ritual Annihilation
7. Follow the Blood
8. Bound and Burned
9. Slowly Sawn
10. Overtorture
11. Cerements of the Flayed

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