Carnifex Cover KoRn’s Klassic ‘Dead Bodies Everywhere’

Wanna hear a funny story about my life before getting into this piece? Too bad, you’re reading this anyway…

Back in 2004 at High School, (I can’t remember the class) we were assigned a picture from World War I or II and had to give it a theme song and discuss the similarities/differences between the two in an oral project to the class. While most kids in my class opted for the Black Eyed Peas’ track ‘Where Is the Love‘, I went down a much darker path (because I was an angsty fucker just discovering the pleasures of nu-metal) and chose KoRn‘s ‘Dead Bodies Everywhere’. Now, before you start worrying about the safety of the kids in my class, I actually went into detail about how KoRn‘s song was about frontman Jonathan Davis‘ upbringing and how his parents wanted him to “get a real job” and forced him to become a professional embalmer for a funeral home and the dead bodies he was referring to were the ones that he had to prep and get ready.

Major differences between the song and pictures were explained to the class and teacher and I can assure you everyone in attendance got a history AND heavy music lesson in the process… I was also told “Okay Browny, that’s enough!” when playing the song for my classmates but we’ll leave it there… prudes!

Anyway, Carnifex have given that song a heavy makeover and upon listening to it, it brought back those memories I had to share with you. Carnifex also shared their own memories of the song, revealing:

“KORN was one of our original influences and inspired us greatly as young musicians. Each time we do a cover, it’s our way of saying thank you to the musicians that came before us, and just maybe we added our touch of brutality! Enjoy!” 

Can you imagine if I played this version back in the day? Fucking LOL.

Stream ‘Dead Bodies Everywherehere

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