Introducing Your New Bachelorette: Ms. Booka Nile!

Lock up your Dads because word on the street today only says metalcore queen Booka Nile is set to become the next Bachelorette!

Following her quest for love on Married At First Sight, the metalcore queen stole hearts with her charisma, bellowing gutturals and unprecedented ability to throw down at any given time, making her the perfect candidate for the next edition of the worldwide phenomenon.

A new season means a new slogan, and the 2021 version has us scratching our heads with the angle they’re teasing:

“Apparently People Really Idolise Love. Fall Out Of Love Sometime”

From my calculations, I take that as you can fall in and out of love with people, but only true love lasts the distance.

Producer for the show, April Foulze says:

“Who wouldn’t want to watch one of Australia’s best metalcore exports tackling love the way she lives her life – head first in a wall of death”

When approached for comment, Ms. Nile stated “hahahahaha what?” Obviously totally oblivious to the idea.

The next season of The Bachelorette will air sometime this year, and only fools would expect Booka to appear because if you’re still reading this and haven’t cottoned on yet, let me spell it out for you:

A P R I L  F O O L S!
(no seriously, go look at the first letter of each word in the new slogan)

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