Watch Short Stack Debut ‘Burn You Down’ LIVE For The First Time

Earlier this week Short Stack staged their comeback to the music scene with a heavier new direction on the song ‘Burn You Down‘ which features frontman Shaun Diviney belting out a scream from his delightful vocal box!

Inspired by some of the best bands getting around right now, Shaun had a chat with Browny earlier this week about what the boys had been listening to lately, including the heavy sounds of Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction and Architects which turns out, may have sent them on this heavier new path they’ve taken since signing to UNFD:

“When the chance came to sign to UNFD, they championed Architects and Amity pretty hard, we were like ‘well that’s pretty sick’, that’s kinda where we’re drawing a lot of influence at the moment”

“…the beauty of being signed to UNFD [is]… this is the kind of record I always wanted to make and it’s awesome I get to do it with them”

We caught the band’s comeback show at Crowbar, Sydney last night and saw the boys play the newbie for the very first time, in front of a sit-down audience. Cue the screams… from the fans of course!

Video by Renae Egan!

Stream ‘Burn You Down‘ here

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