Booka Nile Talks Touring with Make Them Suffer in New MAFS Promo

We’re getting to the pointy end of the Pre-Married At First Sight teasing and Booka Nile took the spotlight in the latest promo which revealed the show will air on February 22 on Channel 9.

During the latest teaser, Booka reveals:

“My life has been travelling the world playing in a metal band…”

Which is valid, since joining Make Them Suffer as their new keyboardist/clean vocalist in 2017, she’s been relentlessly touring worldwide and when they’re not on the road, that’s usually when they’re either unwinding or working on new material (not to mention Booka’s new band Internet Friends taking up a lot of her time these days).

Booka Nile on tour with Make Them Suffer

With COVID stopping all forms of touring and travel, it’s made it abundantly clear why she decided to give the show a chance and potentially find a new husband/soulmate in the meantime.

One of the show’s relationships experts also discusses her inner battles stating:

“She has this really exciting life, and yet she’s really lonely…”

Wouldn’t you want to share that excitement with someone? Sure you would. So why can’t Booka? On the idea of marriage, she later goes on to say:

“I need somebody to throw me in the deep end and go, Marry Him!”

And that’s exactly what she does. You’ll see it all unfold Feb 22 on 9. Popcorn and Metal Tees are a must!

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