Make Them Suffer’s Booka Nile & Sean Harmanis call out scum assaulter on European Tour

WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? Seriously. Gone are the days of going to a show, having the fucking time of your life seeing one of your fav bands OR from the other perspective, playing a show for the legion of fans who came to catch your band live, only for one absolute piece of shit to ruin the evening/moment by inappropriately grabbing or touching you. It’s not on and it’s fucked that it keeps happening.

Make Them Suffer‘s Booka Nile is the latest victim to have this happen to her after a patron on their European Tour took it upon himself to assault her, mid-show, while she was there, you know, doing her fucking job. On Twitter she took aim at the piece of shit:

In case you can’t read the embedded tweet, let us make it large enough for you to read

“Tonight I was groped by a patron while I played on stage. I am fucking pissed. I’m a person and this is my job. If you think it’s okay to come to my work and act with such gross disrespect then stay at home because you’re not fucking welcome at our shows”

Frontman Sean Harmanis also shared his thoughts on the situation, revealing, unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened on their current run:

Not even a month ago, the same thing happened to WAAX frontwoman Maz DeVita who played a show in Newcastle, Australia, so regardless of the fact both incidents (and shitloads more that we haven’t reported on or that haven’t been mentioned by the musicians or patrons themselves) have happened, proves there needs to be more done on the matter. More calling out. More looking out for each other. More drop kicking your mates or those around you who you catch doing it. More safety for EVERYONE at shows.

This is one of the most inclusive and safe scenes out there and this is the kind of behaviour that needs to be stamped out. It may not even be fans, but just blow-ins who attend shows for the sake of going along to cause shit. Regardless of the fact, if you’re someone who actively goes to shows to get shitfaced and touch anyone around you, in any matter, you need to uppercut yourself and stay the fuck home. You’re not wanted, you’re a shitstain on society and you will get your day.

Be better than this. Be much better than this. I’m sick of having to write up stories like this, but until there comes a day when these incidents stop, I’ll scream loud and proud about it and remind everyone to KEEP THEIR FUCKING HANDS TO THEMSELVES.


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