Japan’s Xanvala Are About To Become Your New Fav Band!

I’ve said this before, every so often we get a band sent to our inbox that has us stopping in our own tracks and listening with our mouths agape… the latest act to do that is Japan’s Xanvala!

Formed in 2020, this five-piece have wasted no time in cementing themselves as upcomers in Japan’s heavy music scene and I can safely say they’d be the perfect support act for bands like Crossfaith, Crystal Lake and Paledusk with their heavy core sound, synth, growls and djent filled tracks. Think of a Japanese version of Lamb of God, combined with Lacuna Coil and you wouldn’t be too far removed from the sound of their latest single ‘ジャノメ‘ which translates to bulls-eye!

The band is made up of Tatsumi (Vocals), Yuhma (Guitar), Souma (Guitar), 70. (Bass) and Tomoya (Drums) and they’ve got an EP on the way titled Gayoku no maku (no release date as of yet) so I’m saying this now, jump on the bandwagon before they blow up!

Stay tuned for more, until then, give em a follow on Instagram and Twitter

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