Pass The Time In Lockdown With Our Periphery Challenge!

Sooooooooo Greater Brisbane is about to enter our first lockdown since the start of the pandemic in March last year and this is just a gentle reminder for everyone that it is ONLY 3 DAYS!

No need to start panic buying groceries or toilet paper again because the shops will remain open for essentials, you just need to wear a mask if you’re going (more info here). 72 hours of lockdown is easy, it’s just like staying in all weekend and avoiding people… like most of us do on a weekly basis anyway BUT we’ve got a little challenge for you to pass the time, if you don’t think you can handle the pressures of being alone!


Wall of Sound’s Periphery Lockdown Challenge

The rules are simple, from 6pm Friday, January 8th to 6pm Monday, January 11th we’re in lockdown, in our houses (unless like I said earlier, you need essential shopping goods and NOT panic buying + other important means – once again, more info here) and that means 72 whole hours of sitting around. Now, you may remember Periphery released a ripper song called ‘Reptile‘ in March 2019 that plays for 16 minutes and 44 seconds!

So the challenge is: Play the song non-stop from the start of lockdown to the end. Easy. Simples. Doneski.

If played correctly, you’ll only listen to the song 262.77 times before you’re free to walk around outside without a mask again! The alternative is to binge watch anything/everything in sight and eat as much as you can. So why not rock the fuck out to some high quality metal over and over and over again!

In all seriousness, we’re good. If Melbourne can survive for as long as they did, then we can too. This is nothing. Get that replay button ready kids!

(Bad) Lockdown Advice by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown
Insta: @brownypaul

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