Did You Catch MAFS’ New Teaser feat. Booka Nile?

As 2020 slowly disappears from our lives, the looming year of 2021 etches closer and one of the biggest things we’re looking forward to is seeing how Make Them Suffer/Internet FriendsBooka Nile found love on Married At First Sight.

While an air-date still hasn’t been revealed, a new teaser has emerged featuring our own metalcore maiden pouring her heart out to her husband, aka a total stranger, and looking a million dollars in the process (much different to how we see her on stage sporting heavy band merch).

For those wondering why Booka would appear on a show like this, let me set the scene for you. COVID ruined all plans for MTS to tour on the back of their new album How To Survive A Funeral. Being in a band that tours relentlessly throughout the year, it can make life tough, especially for finding love as you’re usually only home for a couple of weeks at a time before having to jet off somewhere around the world. With the demise of international touring in 2020, I reckon it’s given Booka enough time to give the show a crack, to potentially find out what life would be like if she got to say “I Do” to someone and live that married life for a few months, while the world has stopped around her.

In this day and age, a lot of us are forced to make that decision between choosing a career over a family or vice-versa and if this “experiment” gives her a glimpse of that life she’s longed for, then why shouldn’t she give it a red hot crack?!

Give it a look and stay tuned for the next look at Booka’s Married Life… coming next year!

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