We The Kings Drop New Single ‘No 1 Like U’

US pop/rock outfit We The Kings have surprised us with their brand new single ‘No 1 Like U’ and it’s an incredibly catchy blend of shimmering pop hooks that you can’t help but nod your head along.

The song is an ode to anyone in your life that you hold near and dear to you, whether it be your significant other, best mate or partner in crime. The song even sees vocalist Travis Clark break out into a rap break, vaguely similar to something we would hear from none other than Avril Lavigne, who he’s dedicated the song to on his socials recently and has revealed the Canadian popstar is one of his latest songwriting companions.

While it isn’t actually confirmed that Avril had a hand in ‘No 1 Like U’ (that rap break in the song may hint it though), this friendship between Travis and Avril could be next level for the music industry. Considering Travis recently appeared on Avril Lavigne’s more recent singles, ‘Head Above Water’ last year, fingers crossed we could get an album full of pop punk anthems from the pair next year, with Avril even appearing on a song or two—now I don’t know about you, but I reckon that’ll be a hit, for sure!

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