Chelsea Grin Release Jam-Packed Track ‘Blind Kings’

It’s been a hot minute since Chelsea Grin released their last single ‘Bleeding Sun’ in July, but the band have just dripped through another belter overnight called ‘Blind Kings‘. 

Tom Barber and the boys leave no room for build-up in this track. From the get-go it’s blisteringly heavy, with pounding drums and signature high-riffs. The four-minute song delivers a sexy breakdown mid-way that’ll get your neck moving, and then another towards the end. The production on the track is note-worthy and leaves you with high expectations on what’s next from the deathcore maestros.  

Still no word yet as to whether these two singles will form an upcoming EP or album for Chelsea Grin who’ve been a bit quiet as of late, but let’s keep everything crossed that they do!

Get around the track and stream it on your preferred streaming platform here

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