PREMIERE: Deathbeds Want To Treat You To ‘A Night In Hell’

Been feeling a bit of rage lately from being held up inside and not being able to do anything? We feel you! And that’s why we’ve been checking out more heavy music of late to help with that cathartic release we’ve been missing with live shows.

A band we covered earlier this year who had a promising future was Deathbeds from Canberra who dropped their debut album and then, sadly, got caught up in the midst of touring cancellations and postponements which saw them can their album launch tour. But, they’ve taken the good with the band and got stuck into making more music to headbang to and they’re back again with their latest offering ‘A Night In Hell‘ which combines heavy backing instrumentals and vocals with some melodic cleans that’ll surely capture your attention and get you keen to see them live once shows return.

We sat down with vocalist Dave Oliver to talk about the year they’ve had, how they dealt with the blow of COVID and the public figures they’d invite to dinner to guarantee it’d be a night in hell….

Hey Dave, welcome back to WoS! Last time we spoke was at the start of the year (before COVID) and after the release of your album Sinner! What have you been up to since then/how have you survived the pandemic?

We know it’s been rough for everyone, now that covid has settled down we are able to work on music again a lot more. When covid was very intense and everyone had to stay home. We were all “essential workers and were all working a lot more than we usually were. We are super happy to be making music again and we hope the covid restrictions keep relaxing!

You’re back already with new music though, the heavy and haunting new song ‘A Night In Hell’ which is a melodic-metal soundtrack released just in time for Halloween! Was that intentional?

We try to stay true to our spooky, gothic vibe. Our album was released on Friday 13th so definitely intentional

I love a consistent band… what’s this song all about then?

It’s actually a hate song, it’s about someone everyone in the band does not like at all. We won’t go into who and what but if you know you know.

I love me some tea mate hahaha you’re fast making a name for yourselves in Canberra/NSW. Has COVID put a pause on your plans or what are you doing to keep the momentum going?

My lord yes, not being very big and really trying to get ourselves out there, our album release tour was very exciting and cancelling that due to covid was a big sad. Honoured we got to play our hometown show which sold out and we know every band is in the same boat as us, but, releasing an album in covid is not ideal.

Very true. F for you. On that, is this new song part of an upcoming release or just a standalone single for now?

Just a single and nothing else, it’s actually the last of our orchestral sound so we wanted to do one last collab with Misstiq cause we all love her to bits and love working with her. We want to go a little more electric on our next few releases.

Nice teaser for what’s to come mate! Speaking of A Night in Hell, which of the following dinner party guests do you think would be like spending a night in hell with Satan – Gladys Berejiklian, Tony Abbott or Trapt?

If we could make a triple reservation that would be splendid! Sorta 2 birds with 1 stone + 1 sorta thing. Honestly, I couldn’t pick just one.

With the new single out tomorrow, what’s next for the band we should keep an eye on?

We are trying to give fans more extra content like guitar playthroughs and thoughts on how we write music and BTS etc… so keep an eye out for more content!

Any final thoughts?

Covid sucks but we are not stopping, we will still be writing music even if 2021 is just as bad and we will bounce back touring the second we can.

Great mentality to have, looking forward to what’s next!

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Until then, get your hate-filled anger out with ‘A Night in Hell’
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