PREMIERE: Meet the ‘Outsiders’ from Melbourne’s East York

Melbourne alt rockers East York have used their time in lockdown ever so wisely this year. Despite all the negative energy in the world, the four piece felt the strong urge to create something huge. Bringing with them a diverse array of influences from Don Broco to Pantera, East York pair high energy riffs and soaring vocals together with a blistering metal breakdown that’s completely out of this world.

Before you tune in to the band’s debut single ‘Outsiders’ below, we caught up with East York to get to know more about them, their debut single and how they’d prefer to see 2020 in a positive light…

Hey Legends! How have you guys been doing this year with the changes in the world today?

Daz: Hey, thanks for having us! We are easing out of a pretty intense lockdown here in Melbourne. To be completely honest, it’s been quite tough. I particularly feel for the music and arts communities and crew who were first to get shut down and will likely be the last to return. Hopefully we see a roadmap out for these industries sooner than later. However, on the flipside, musically and creatively this year has been exceptional. The stars well and truly aligned for the four of us and we’ve managed to write some massive tunes during lockdown which we are super pumped to share with everyone.

Tarquin: Pretty much business as usual for me. But I’m obviously the exception to the rule as I’ve been bouncing between SA & QLD.  I know how shit it’s been for most folks. Lack of ability to travel, even interstate, has been the hardest thing…and a lot of friends moving back to NZ!

Tell us how East York came about?

Daz: Zane and I have been friends since early Mammal days and now live 2km apart by the beach in Black Rock. We started jamming and churning out instrumental demos and right away we knew there was something special happening. We sent the songs to Tarquin, who I’ve known since high school and have been wanting to work with him for years. He started firing back completed vocals and it was like – oh shit, it’s on! Enter Mr Eric “E-Rock” Boucher, another good friend of mine from Toronto, Canada who had just relocated to Melbourne. He moved to the Southern Hemisphere with intention to throw down on the bass and boom! Line up complete. LETS DO THIS!

Zane, this one’s for you – what are you hoping to gain out of playing with East York as opposed to playing with Mammal?

To grow musically. East York has a different dynamic on many different levels, the vibe is amazing. I always enjoy creating good music with like-minded people. 

Your debut single ‘Outsiders’ is super heavy on the riffage, which I’m absolutely digging. What were you inspired by during the song’s fruition?

Daz: Musically, at the time Zane and I were listening to Issues ‘Tapping Out’ and Don Broco’s Technology album. ‘Outsiders’ actually began with Zane’s bridge beat and off we went.

At the end of the day, we just love massive, bouncing beats and riffs. I guess subliminally during the writing process we are always envisioning these songs on the festival stage, which is always a good source of inspiration. 

Personally, I particularly enjoy the space between the notes in the main verse riff. Also how the chorus just opens right up…that was completely intentional and Tarquin and Eric took it to another level again. 

As a whole, who are East York’s top 3 influences?

Zane: Our musical influences vary, but in my mind as a whole Pantera, Don Broco and Refused would be right up there.

You guys have kinda teamed up with Moon Dog Brewery to celebrate your new release, which is pretty cool! Can we expect an East York beer collab on the horizon?

Tarquin: Maybe, you never know. Moon Dog has been wicked supportive in all sorts of ways so we’d love to mix our sweat into a batch someday.

We’re all responsible drinkers here, but what’s your go to drink before a gig (when they return)?

E-Rock: I would say a cold Moon Dog and a shot of whisky. I would call that a perfect pre-show warm up for a rock show!

What’s one lesson you’ll take with you from navigating the COVID-19 world?

Zane: That not even a global pandemic can stop East York from creating music and having a good time!

Anything else you’d like to share with us? 

E-Rock: If you’re into the music, please jump on and follow us on social media. We have more music coming and can’t wait to share with you. Stay alert for us coming to your hometown because we can’t wait to rock the fuck out with you all!!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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